Animating Human Dolls / A performance based on the animation feature film THEOX

After a year of travelling in plenty of festivals around the world and being awarded several times, the characters starring in the animation feature film THEOX are now coming to life by one single performer. One performer reanimates these five animation characters, the Ox, the Old Man, the Old Woman, the Girl and the Angel . URBANOX is a performance in which the illusion of animation is taking place in real life, based on the animating method composed by Giorgos Nikopoulos, Animating Human Dolls. A performance that exceeds the "colloquial" human body language and proposes a very specific one, "spoken" by these imaginary creatures
Stand by for a scheduled performance near you.
Concept / Animation / Performance / Giorgos Nikopoulos Masks / Nikos Kokkalis Music / Dimitra Trypani Sound Design / Giorgos Gargalas Assistant Choreographer / Dimitris Politis
25 & 26 October, Rethymno CRETE / House of Culture @ 20.00
Ionian University, Faculty of Music and Audiovisual Arts
InArts LAB